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So I know most of us here in the Kpop Vingle Family are part of multiple Kpop fandoms, I myself am in 5 plus I'm starting to stan like 3 other groups lol. The MAMA awards are like the big end of the year awards in the Kpop world and of course in some categories its like....well damn 3 groups I love are in this category, how do I pick one!?!?
Well I'm here to try to give some fellow Kpop fan advice~ so I hope this helps!
1. The first thing you can do, is you get to vote once a day(or more if you use different accounts) so you could vote for each of your favs different times so you'll feel like your supporting them all and whatnot
2. This is my best suggestion if you can do it! Since this is an award voting for specific categories, its different from the weekly voting during comebacks. So I look at the groups I can vote for and I try to really think about who I think really should win in that category. Such as best dance performance: The are multiple groups I really love in that category, but there's one group I decided to vote for everytime i vote because their dancing in their last comeback was reeeally good, while another I like in the dance category they aren't the best dancers & their dance for their comeback was catchy but not on the same level. Its hard to pick between your favorite groups, but maybe really paying attention to the category can help you help vote to make your fav win!
Except for the Best New Male Rookie group category...then its like IDK WHO TO VOTE FOR, so your on your own lol. Ive been voting for UP10TION actually cuz I seriouslyyyy was SO IMPRESSED with their debut performance. but that category is hard to pick.
I hope this helps a little bit! happy voting everyone~
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This is really good advice! ^^