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Low Rolled Updo Tutorial
Those mornings you just want to roll out of bed and look effortlessly classy are finally upon us. No need to stress for hours about how to do your hair and end up wearing your typical everyday go-to. The low rolled updo is easy, versatile and equally gorgeous and doesn't take you long to achieve at all. If you're looking for something new or just something convenient, keep scrolling and see something beautiful be created.

Are you absolutely loving this vintage inspired do?

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I love lillith, she is pretty down to earth and cool.
2 years ago·Reply
thanks so much @marshalledgar! although the color is a bit daring, I feel like that's what brings the style the most life in a sense. either way color or no color, it's gorgeous for sure.
2 years ago·Reply
I totally agree! @MarySEW
2 years ago·Reply
Love this style and the color of this hair
2 years ago·Reply
I agree. The color is just as breathtaking as the style. @keribvby
2 years ago·Reply