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I'm starting a new collection: NFL Plays of the Week!

Here's the first edition, coming from the NFL's week 9. Check them out!

#5: Brandon Marshall vs. Jaguars

Great concentration by the Jets' beastly wideout! Amazing catch.

#4: Jordan Matthews vs. Cowboys

What's better than a walk-off TD? That's what Jordan Matthews pulled in overtime vs. the Cowboys on Sunday night. Great catch and run after the pass from Sam Bradford!

#3: Martavis Bryant vs. Raiders

This is ridiculous quickness by the Steelers' wide receiver. Crazy cuts and jukes on this one.

#2: Teddy Bridgewater vs. Rams

Bridgewater is getting better each week and he showed it with a crazy TD scramble in an OT win over the Rams. He got knocked out of the game via bad hit to the head but not before he got this great TD off.

#1: Delanie Walker vs. Saints

Walker turns a sure-fire INT into a TD by the luck of the draw as two Saints defenders knock into each other and the ball pops out. Walker has an easy path to the endzone!

So, which is your favorite play of the week?

Walker against the Saints that was great foucs by him
The Jordan Matthews play has to be my favorite!