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Hi there! This is my first card and first contest entry all in one! The character I hate is Kabuto T_T This little fudger tricked me into trusting him. You might be wondering how I didn't see through his deception but I trusted him when I was very new to the Naruto world and did not yet understand that good guys are bad guys and bad guys are good guys. To me he was a cute, smart, helpful little ninja in a world of enemies and he became my first deception of Naruto. I was shocked. It was kind of like that first person that you trust that screws you over in real life, and when you look at them after that you can't help be mad at them for not being the good person you thought they were. Unfortunately they did not change--you were just deceived. Whoops, that got deep...anyway...screw you, Kabuto!!!! @hikaymm
@hikaymm haha thanks!
"screw you Kabuto!!" lol I love it :D great job!
heehee looks so funny the way you say "I hate Kabuto"