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If you're wondering why Kylie Jenner showed up last night Glamour's Women of the Year awards looking like she was headed to hang with some friends, apparently she had a wardrobe malfunction. We've all been there, at least I know I have. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pull it off with a smile. Of course, Kylie's known for her amazing sense of style, so seeing her in a denim jacket and leggings at one of the most prominent award shows of the year was a bit off.
She took to her Instagram and posted a picture with the caption: "some major wardrobe malfunctions". She wouldn't have missed it for the world, even if she had to show up in the nude because Caitlyn Jenner was being honored at the award show. Whether she wore a stunning gown or a pair of pajamas, Kylie's fans love her nonetheless. Plus, at the end of the day -- she's human and those kind of things happen.

When was the last time you had a wardrobe malfunction?

She made the best of an awkward, horrifying experience. Some may not see it that way, but it
I agree. I just wonder what happens because she had posted pics earlier that night in a gorgeous gown on IG @marshalledgar