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😡The Character I Hated But Still Cried For!!! 😢

From Hunter X Hunter, The Ant King A.K.A. Meruem. There may be a few spoilers in this post for those planning to watch this amazing show. Meruem was born from the queen (second pic) to be King of the chimera ants. His goal was to rule over the entire world. The chimera ants had inherited human genes so most of them could talk and had human emotions. Some could even remember their human names and or memories. Meruem took his 3 royal guards and left the rest of the chimera ants. Meruem killed people (and yes children too) for absolutely no reason. He saw the human race as nothing more than food for his soldiers. Only humans that could use nen were good enough for him to eat. His plan was to hold a selection process that would reduce humans down to about 1% I beleive (I'm sure it's less than 10). This guy and his guards were just plain monsters.
However I could not help but grow to like him. He was correct on a lot of things and his ideals weren't that bad. especially after he met the girl with closed eyes, Komugi. Komugi had a huge impact on the king showing him that not all humans are trash. Essentially he fell in love with her but he does not understand it so it throws him off. At one point Komugi was being attacked by a bird and he protected her though he originally came in the room at that time to kill her to convince himself she isn't important. But she was because he saved her instead. This had forced the king to realize his power should be used to help the weak not destroy it. Well this happened a bit late as shortly after the humans attacked and in the fight Komugi was dealt a fatal blow on accident. the king ordered his guard who could heal to heal her while he fought his attackers. well the fight resulted in the kings "death" by means of a powerful bomb as last resort. his other two guards sacrificed their power to revive his (feed themselves to the king) but the bomb had fatally poisoned the king. after a while he realized and he just wanted to be with Komugi. The final scene (pic 5) was so heart wrenching I just cried. It was so sweet.
This was my entry for a contest by @hikaymm . I would really appreciate it if you clipped my card and support me to win!!!! I will personally thank anyone who helps!! Let me know what your most love or hated characters are! I love these types of discussions.
At least I'm not alone! it had me in tears. I fought them back but with that last pick and his last words I lost it. I broke.
Omg Meruem's and Komugi's deaths were SO SAD! 😭😭😭
I loved his character I wished he lived, I cried so hard my dad came in my room to see why I was crying. I felt so sad for him
I'm TOTALLY guilty o fthis!!11 Even when I hate a character, I still get so involved in them and want to cry for them and blah :(
yooooo I never cried so hard for someone I hated
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