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I got my first tattoo when I was 17 years old.

Fresh out of high school. I wanted to do something rebellious and something I would remember for the rest of my life. Well, I accomplished that. I also ended up regretting the tattoo 8 years later. Over the years I got three more tattoos [one that I love and two that I also grew to regret] and this past weekend I got my final tattoo. I told myself I wouldn't get anymore. It has been five long years since I went under the needle and as much as I forget that I have any tattoos to begin with, I realized enough was enough -- until this past Saturday. Over the past two years I have followed my dreams and I never in a million years thought I would be where I am today. Nearly two years ago I shed one hundred pounds, the natural way and I have managed to keep it off. I gave up meat in February of 2014 and was a vegetarian until February 2015 when I decided I would incorporate fish back into my diet. I landed an amazing position doing what I love most and I even moved to the city of my dreams. Ask me how I did it? I honestly can't tell you too much. I just constantly prayed and that's the only reason I can truly say I am where I am today. I've done more than I thought I would ever do at the age of 25 years old and I can truly say I'm extremely blessed.
If you would've asked me two years ago if I had any regrets, I would've told you yes with the quickness. If you were to ask me that same question today, I would easily tell you no. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for all I've been through. That brings me to my newest and final tattoo. I decided to get a paper clip. You're probably wondering, what in the world is the significance of a paper clip? Well, allow me to explain -- it's fairly simple. When you first think of a paper clip tattoo, you're probably thinking -- "oh, she's a writer". Well, yes. That happens to be the obvious answer. The not so obvious reasoning behind the tattoo is: as we all know a paper clip holds paper together. I look at my life as a paper clip in a sense. Although I don't have it all together and I am nowhere near perfect, I am still managing to hold things together the same way a paper clip manages to hold mounds of paper together. I figured I would get it on my wrist as a little reminder. Most people will probably ask about the placement. We all go through things and although my life is going great at the moment, I still fall and go through situations. Instead of giving up when times get rough, I can just look down at my wrist and remind myself to hold it together. It may sound silly to you, but I have absolutely no regrets. I love this tattoo and it will constantly remind me that my pile [life] might be heavy, but it can still be held together.
this is super heart warming, the idea behind it and the reason you did it is awesome. We can tell you put a lot of heart into this (telling you as a fellow writer).
very meaningful message I'd like to get that tattoo as well for sometimes I feel that tings are slipping away from my hands that might help me hold things together.
great read. great tattoo. ;)
I love the meaning behind the semicolon, nice! @Kamilen
Thank youuuu! :) & because they are a sloppy job, they don't look professionally done and I don't even see the ones I have on my back @alywoah
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