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(Just to get the attention of Vinglers--THE LEGENDARY OVERDOSE FANDOM EDITION!)
Anyway: Monday rant. Monday--Every fangirl's (or fanboy!) Monday is terrifying: it's another week to bear with school, work, or...whatever you do. Thankfully, my school lets me listen to music anywhere (even in class! If the teacher is ok with it), so that's a stress relief. But this reminds me of some of my K-Pop friends (ok: they're not my friend just because they like K-Pop, but they're like... one of my bestest friends, so don't misunderstand!!!) who still goes to middle school (graduating this year, thankfully) that can't listen to music. I went through that, and was stuck with it for 2 years... yes, only two: it does sound like a short amount of time... but... hahah. Not really. Here, we have a special interview with CurrySoop to understand HOW it's like to not have music for a whole day. (yes, I know I'm weird. I know.)
Q: CurrySoop, what is like to not have (k-pop) music? A: It's another definition of hell. Q: Did you ever attempt to listen to music? A: The only time you could secretly was the homeroom study hall at the end of the day. THE END OF THE DAY. Q: How would you reflect on your middle school career? A: Again, another definition of hell. Not having music was a distraction; teachers called music a distraction but you know what? You're a distraction. Q: If you were a principal, would you allow music for your school? A: What do you think. I don't want to receive complaints though. Q: How is your career now? A: One word: freedom. Thank you CurrySoop for answering our questions! More like my questions. But ok. Thanks for having me.
So, uh, that was kind of weird, but you'll see these cards every now and then. I like asking questions to myself. I'm a bit strange. .