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The EXO-Star Wars Collaboration came out. Should I do a review on it? I watched it and I think it was well put together.
Ok somebody pls help me!!! why isn't everybody in the mv? why can't I hear Lay's voice (can also be bcos I wasn't concentrating)? why is it sooo short? what does this video even mean? I'm sorry if I'm rambling but my head hurts with so many questions. So could u pls pls pls help me!!!
*Dies watching this video* I can't anymore......I not a big fan of star wars but Exo and this song is stuck in my head like I think a "life savior, lightsaber" ahhhhhh I downloaded the song and watched the video and everything............ahhhhhh this hurts so much 😍❤❤❤ and its a very catchy song and everything too 😭😭😭whyyyyy did you do this to meh exo??
holy mother of all that's not holy. This is just..*dies* **comes back to life** omg! not ready! ***dies again***
the feels ಥ_ಥ its not just EXO but also one of my all time favorite movies and franchise....they're trying to kill me...
Hell yeas that is so good