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Now when i was a kid there was this beautiful little show with huge robots in space that spanned the hobby building models, buying action figures, and drawing hard all damn day!!!! That legendary show was Gundam Wing! It shock the Toonami line up and literally took the world by storm for years to come afterwards. Now i'm not saying this was the first Gundam series but it is by far the most iconic!!! Hero, Duo, Quatre, Wu Fei, and Trowa are by far amongst it not the most popular Gundam Pilots of all time! And if the series wasn't enough the planet and every Anime fanboy to pure blooded Otaku was moved to tears when the emergence of DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
GUNDAM WING ENDLESS WALTZ AIRED FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TOONAMI! This is by far one of the most timeless anime classics on the planet!
So with all of that being said who remembers Gundam Wing and what was your favorite moment in the series!
It's a Gundaaaaammmmmm!!!!!
Aw man nostalgia
I grew up on Gundam shows
this show was the start of my gundam obsession :)
@kenjutsu101 oh man hell yea dude i was obsessed with his god of death rants but Wu-Fei will always be my fav!
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