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Being in love is an amazing feeling.

If you haven't experienced it as yet, your time is coming. Be patient. While you're waiting, maybe you'd enjoy hearing the perks of being in love. They say all things are better in love and I may have to agree.
You may be a homebody, but having that person to cuddle up on the couch with while watching movies is always more enjoyable. Thats just the beginning, there's so many more perks to being in love. Whether you enjoy your alone time or not, having that one person by your side to do certain things makes it all the better. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling and see a list of things that happen to be better when you're in love according to Cosmopolitan.

All manner of cooking, baking, food preparation, what have you is like a two-person culinary adventure.

"Normally I find cooking and baking totally boring and annoying because when I get home I just want to put food in my face that I did not have to chop or sauté or really even put on a plate, but when you're doing any of those things with someone you love, it's like you're making little food children together. You know, that you can also later Instagram and eat and congratulate each other for making such cute stuff together via kisses. Nothing can match this. Nothing. "

You can finally watch a romantic comedy without rolling your eyes because you finally know it is possible to actually be that happy.

"When you're single, kooky comedies with schmaltzy soundtracks are either like a beacon of hope or a death machine hammer to the face. But when you're in love with someone, it's so much easier to see the cuteness in those plots and to know that everything will work out well because to you, everything always does because you are stupidly in <3."

Texting is like a beautiful wonderland full of inside jokes and actual trust.

"Instead of panic attacks because they didn't write back within two minutes and are probably definitely cheating. It is so incredibly nice to be beyond that crap and off the medication you were taking specifically because of that."

Seeing couples on the street and being like, "Aww, they're so cute together."

"When I'm in love with someone, every single couple as an extension of myself so I'm like, "Aww, I hope you guys last forever! Have a beautiful day, friends!!!" but when I'm not in love, I wish all couples would move to an island because it is not cool to show me that if I cannot also have it. Rude."

There's nothing more exciting than getting the love of your life a present you know for a fact they'll love​.

"While everyone else is having an exhausting time shopping for someone they kind of like, sort of, it's iffy, you're so stoked to buy him the DVD he keeps talking about buying but never actually buys because he's hanging out with you all the time, and neither of you wants to spend that glorious time inside of a Best Buy."

What's your favorite part of being love?

I'll second the sleep one.
The best feeling ever @hopeismyanchor
Definitely an amazing feeling for sure :) @MadAndrea
I just love having someone to fall asleep with and wake up next to every day ^_^
Single right now and every time I see a couple walking down the street, I get really pissed off :(
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