@kpopandkimchi has us talking about strong female leads in K dramas, and for me one of the strongest is Choi Jung-won as Jin Pal-gang.
Here is the Wiki breakdown of the plot:
Jin Pal-gang (Choi Jung-won) has worked at an insurance firm for five years, but she spends more than she makes and has racked up credit card debt. Loud-mouthed and rash, she has a pretty immature personality despite her 25 years of age and her life's greatest goal is to find a handsome, perfect man and live in married bliss. But she suddenly becomes the guardian for her five younger adopted siblings when her parents pass away. Won Kang-ha (Kim Ji-hoon) is Pal-gang's co-worker and romantic interest, a sharp insurance company lawyer who was abandoned as a child and has trouble opening up to others - until he meets Pal-gang and her siblings.
Pal-gang starts off as this self-centered kind of girl, but when she is left with the responsibility of saving her siblings, she gets very serious and grows up almost immediately.
No matter what kind of hardship she has to endure, she never gives up as she fights to keep her family together no matter what.
My favorite part about Pal-gang is she does not change her values or waiver in keeping her family as her number one priority. She is in love with a man, but when she has to be the one to make sure her family survives, he comes second.
I think this is what I like about her most, and why I find her to be a strong female lead. Unlike in some dramas, she does not change when she gets a man. She does not all of a sudden become someone who cannot be independent. She does not lose her ability to speak her mind. She does not automatically give in to everything the man in her life wants her to.

As a matter of fact, she only goes to him on her terms - and he has to be the one to change, which is rare in these shows - and I love that!

Jin Pal-gang, my vote for top ten strong female leads in a K Drama. What do you think?

This sounds like an AWESOME plot! I've actually never heard of this drama before but now I totally need to watch it.
I haven't seen this drama and it sounds really good. I'm definitely going to check it out!
i watch this drama atleast once a year. No matter how many times i watch it i never get bored.
It really is one of my favorite dramas, totally worth the time if you ever get the chance. :-)
I remember watching this but never actually finishing it because it was voice covered in my language and it wasn't fun listening to them talk....