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Stand back and look at the color scheme in these florals. Beautiful grays and corals mark this dazzling wedding floral design. While the overall floral design isn't really the point of this card, it's the color that I want you to focus on, hence, the closeup.
Gray, for a while, has been a trending base for color thematics for weddings. It's not as harsh as black, which is great, yet allows for other pastel colors to look their best. You may have noticed gray mixed with yellows, blues and pinks. In this case, it's the pink coral colors that you see.
You may not know exactly what you want for your florals, and that's okay. What you should spend your time doing, is looking at color thematics, and NOT floral designs. The design work can come later. But focus your attention on the shades of flowers and how they look together. When you see color combinations that you LOVE, then it's time to direct your attention to the flowers that you do like. You can also work with a floral designer who can point you in the right direction and share with you some invaluable advice about what flowers pair well with others, and that sort of thing.
Most importantly, however, is that you relax and enjoy the process of getting married. Make it fun and super enjoyable. Don't get caught up in hype or things that will kill your budget. Know what's important to you and then find ways to incorporate those ideas into something that is beautiful, easy and budget-friendly.
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