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It only takes ONE LOOK at this photo to see why it's IMPERATIVE for you to serve gold flaked, gold dusted, gold glittered donuts at your wedding! GORGEOUS! Who could possibly resist a good donut to begin with? Throw on some reflective, edible gold glitter and I AM DONE!
While you could order these, and maybe you should because fresh is always best, you can make these yourself with a little creativity and the help of either your favorite glazed donut supplier or Krispy Kreme!!!!!!!! Who doesn't LOVE KRISPY KREME?

Do It Yourself:

Purchase 2-3 dozen glazed donuts.
Generously coat the tops with gold edible glitter.
Serve without eating them all at once yourself!
You can purchase edible glitter from your local hobby or cake craft shop. You can also order online as there are tons of options like Walmart, Amazon, Wilton, etc. If gold isn't your thing, then dress up the donuts in a different color, or a multitude of colors. Just have fun with it and enjoy!
More ideas abound in my Ideation Collection, which you can find here and follow!