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PRIME EXAMPLE EVERYONE, as to how you can take a simple rolled fondant wedding cake--without any embellishment--and turn it into an awesome and glorious cake using stunning florals.
While the florals are shown in an exciting hombre fashion, you could opt for something more subtle, which is sombre. The flowers used in this picture are English garden roses, which should not be confused with Ecuadorian roses. They couldn't be more different! Also, there are rich burgandy peonies. You want your flowers to be grand and gorgeous. They should be fresh, unless you are using high quality artificial stems, which you can order through A Floral, online or Aldik if you are in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.
Either way, this is how you get an ordinary (inexpensive) wedding cake to look like a luscious million bucks! It's all about how you style it, basically.
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