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Just recently, Seventeen's Entertainment: Pledis has been receiving bad reviews. I don't know if all these are true or not true. Whether or not Seventeen shouldn't be treated like this. And if they weren't treated like this, why would things go so viral? I also made a card recently about Seventeen's abuse by the company. You can find it on my profile or under my Seventeen collection. Not only do they get abused, they are forced to buy their own needs and equipments. When they need ear pieces, and asks the company, the company tells them to buy it for themselves. And when our Seventeen does not have the money for it they just use headphones. Read the full article here:
I really like Pledis Entertainment, but they make our Seventeen suffer. Most of my Seventeen oppas are only and still are students in school. They have so much in mind, but they are just getting more pressure. Awwh, oppas. I really wish for you to all not suffer. Keep on pushing through and keep on strong! Love you so much oppas! ♡
Always keep your smiling faces on. Because we love it when you all smile! Fighting!
I feel that Pledis is going bankrupt. They literally had no money after debuting SEVENTEEN. After School and NU'EST couldn't even have a comeback. What is going on? I live SEVENTEEN and all but if Pledis is going to put our boys at the risk of disbanding or leaving the company why did they debut them in the first place? Ugh, so not right. Anyways... HWAITING SEVENTEEN!!! You guys need it!
We as fans should write a petition on Seventeen switching companies... this is absurd. They work so hard and they get treated like this? WTH
Don't most if not all groups go through something like this? It's pretty messed up.
Yeah, it may seem like abuse but I feel like because of the fact that the company is known not to be as high up in popularity, let alone financially, their situation is different from what it may seem. I feel like if they really had a choice, Pledis wouldn't make them do that. Apparently, Nu'EST has been promoting in Japan and are about to release their first Japanese album, I believe. And in the midst of that has been Seventeen's debut and such. I'm curious as to what in the world suddenly happened to After School but yeah. I think Pledis is trying to balance everything being a low-income company and yet give their artists what they can. I bet it's a bit of a struggle for all of them really...
@ChelseaJay I guess that would make sense also this entertainment hasn't been exposed to a lot people like SM,YG so it maybe difficult to get a lot money idk what I'm saying
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