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If only you could see my face over here. I am GAGGING over this incredible bouquet. Whether it's for the bride and/or for the bridesmaids, you cannot tell me that this bouquet, made of metal and jewels, is not one of the most creative and spectacular designs you have ever seen!
Here's why this works: The bouquet is styled in a traditional hand-held silhouette, yet it's made up of "flowers" that are made from baubles, trinkets, jewels and all manner of metal finishes. I see costume jewelry, pearls, rhinestones, enamel, gold, silver, cameos...on and on.
I want to encourage you to raid your grandmother's jewelry bin(s) and see what she has. You could even raid a Claire's at the mall with a coupon in hand to score a bounty of awesome pieces to create your own bouquet. Don't forget that Michael's and Joann's also carry findings such as these with incredible 40% and 50% off coupons.
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