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That's what this Cake Whisperer wedding cake creation is. Grand!
Many pastry chefs and cake decorators choose to create delicate, intricate embellishments that are cast in sugar from custom moulds they create. What is so remarkable about this application is that this was not the method used for this four-tier confection.
While it's true that a template was created to get the design right, the stippling and formation of every detail seen in this is by hand. That's no small feat!
I've featured Cake Whisperer cakes in the past and this one is yet another example of true wedding cake artistry. Make sure that when you are getting your cake, that you are getting the design and flavor profile that you like. Also, make sure that their ability to transform ideas can be seen in their high level of skill work. You don't want to bring in a picture of a cake that you love, only to discover that your cake creator had no idea how to accomplish the details.
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