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EXO Lightsaber MV
I'm screaming inside, OH MY GOD! F'ING AWESOME. They're like modern day Jedi. Someone Already beat me to the post, so this is for those that wanted a tag (if you haven't seen it yet) @FreddyAlaniz @dancer1248MN @kpopisnylife @YessicaCardenas @trinityarcangel @warjeensuleiman @otakukpopgirl @EmilyGardner @christianliu @KellyOConnor @desesoray @Tigerlily84
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@EmilyGardner It is far far too short, I agree
2 years ago·Reply
thanks for tagging me!!! @Matokokepa the song is really awesome. I hope there is a part 2.
2 years ago·Reply
oh my god I did not know they were working on another project!
2 years ago·Reply
Okay. So I keep watching this over and over. it's addicting. Then it finally hits me.... Is Kai a sith lord (dressed in black), SeHun a Jedi (dressed in white), and BaekHyun the padawan (young and angry, caught in-between)?
2 years ago·Reply
@trinityarcangel yw and I hope so too
2 years ago·Reply