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the first pic is from Iruna Online it is a wonderful MMORPG game to try out and if you like SWORD ART ONLINE then you will love the game and the drawings I finished it.
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I just checked in it's pretty much the EXACT same game... But I like the graphics of Toram better. Playing both to give an accurate review of each.
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Hehe just realized Toram is called Departure from Iruna... But they put it in small letters and I wasn't wearing glasses... Haha
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Guild Wars 2 is another great mmorpg. this one looks like fun
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I'm not a huge fan of mmos but this seems cool for both anime and gaming fans. also, you should throw a title on this card! it makes it easier to know what it's about
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I didn't realize this was a mobile game before I suggested a PC game.
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