I'm a self-proclaimed technobug. I love innovation of all sorts, even the seemingly ridiculous (like the clip-on man bun or the umbrella hat). I also like sharing in the experience of seeing something new and amazing for the first time, hence this card. Many of these creations may have no or little function in your life, but they might make someone else's life a little easier. I find that inspiring and brilliant! Tech in the first video: 1. Truebuds- sweat resistant and completely wireless, noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds. 2. Snooz- Portable white sound device. The promotional video is funny, at least. I'll probably get one for comic cons. 3. Wellbe bracelet and app- monitors stress levels based on time, location, and personal interactions. 4. Angee- autonomous home security system. A little creepy, but cool! 5. SULI- a 3D printed, solar-powered, versatile light; designed for use in impoverished areas. 6. Soundbot- water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that charges wirelessly. 7. Hoverboard- not exactly what you're thinking, but it's still pretty wicked! They even Tron'd it out. (The price, not so much...ranges $3000 to $10,000.)
1. Kerv- touch-free payment ring. I'm not sure about this one. It's very forward-thinking, but rings are far easier to lift than wallets or phones. I wouldn't want all my personal info in one place for someone to slip off my finger. IJS 2. AMPL- water-resistant backpack that doubles as a portable charging system. 3. Orphe shoes- edgy LED smart shoes designed for artists and performers. 4. Drumpants- create music with sensors that can be attached to or inserted in your own clothing or shoes. 5. Rufus Cuff- Android smartphone/watch.
1. LEVIT8- a flat-folding portable standing desk. 2. Grove Ecosystems- grow your own food indoors, year round. This self-contained ecosystem is productive and is an attractive aquatic and botanical display. 3. Levitating coctail- science fiction geeks will love this! 4. Unbreakable snow goggles- it's in the name. 5. Ozmo smart cup and app- for anyone obsessed with hydration and tracking all of their fluids intake.
Well, I hope you liked at least one of the above wonderful inventions! Many of these projects are still in development, so if you really, really liked something, please show what support you can...even if you just drop them a few words of encouragement! I'll be back, with more remarkable revolutionary breakthroughs to feed your inner technobug!
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