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Beast Is the Best ... 30 Day Challenge Day 9 What's my favorite Come Back Stage Performance? & Day 10 What's my favorite Drama featuring a member(s) of Beast?
Hello everybody! I am excited to be back for day 10 of this challenge. However, since I had some technical difficulties yesterday I will include day 9's category as well. So let's get right to it.
I think for me, I am always so excited to see them perform their current releases. I love watching their stage performances because their energy is always contagious and mesmerizing. For instance - check this out
I love hearing the crowd going crazy for these boys - but then if had the opportunity to be in the audience watching them, I'd be going crazy as well!
My absolute favorite Come Back stage though is ...
And then of course there's
And how could we forget this one?!?
I hope you enjoyed Day 9 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge as much as I did. Let me know what you think. Please share with me what your favorite Come Back is/was - I would love to see your answer to this day's challenge. Thank you for all your likes/clips and follows - they mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep going. I love my Vingle family!
Now on to Day 10 - What is my favorite drama featuring a member/ members of Beast?
For this one I would like to say I like all of them. I know of quite a few from each member ... Du Jun's: Let's Eat, Iris 2, Bon Appetit, Marrying Mafia 5
Jun Hyung's: Monstar
Hyun Seung's: Mozart
Ki Kwang's: My Friend's Still Alive, My Princess, 20 Years Old Korean Drama High Kick Through the Roof
Yo Seob's: ???
Dong Woon's: ???
Sadly I cannot say I have watched all of them - so I am not able to say, with authority that I like them all. If any one has seen any or all of these drama;s featuring a member/members of Beast, please feel free to let us all know what they thought of the ones you watched.
This concludes Day 10 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Challenge. Please tune in to Day 11. I am thankful to all of you who have liked/clipped and have decided to follow these cards - you keep me striving to do my best for all of you - You're the best!
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wow there are fabulous and awesome
2 years ago·Reply
How could I not know my bias ( Kikwang ) was in so many dramas ...
2 years ago·Reply
All the cards you did for this challenge were awesome!
2 years ago·Reply
I never finished Monstar 😂😂 and Gikwangs acting in his special drama is 👌👌 AMAZING I haven't seen his current drama in Mrs. Cop but Doojoon in Lets Eat is amazing too
2 years ago·Reply