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Azelia Banks may be in big trouble.
Footage released today of Azealia Banks attacking a security guard last month in Los Angeles. Someone get a lawyer on the line, she may need it.
The ordeal was caught on video with the footage being obtained by TMZ.
According to TMZ, Azealia and her squad were kicked out of an LA club in late October for being “unruly” and tried to get revenge by pulling the fire alarm. When the security guard caught Banks attempting to grab the alarm, Azealia and her friends began punching away, causing one big scuffle that also involved a second security guard.
TMZ says the Los Angeles Police Department has opened up a criminal-battery investigation. Lets hope that Banks issues a public apology for this one. From the looks of the footage, she appears to be caught red-handed and out of line for this one.
I am not surprised that she did something like this lol.
She's pull stunts like this before lol. She's....Azealia Banks haha.
Yeah same here....can't believe she tried to pull the fire alarm. How old is she for god's sake!