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You are dead to me. you told me that you cared, yet every time I opened up, you were never there, you invited me in leading me with your lies, when all I could ever look at was the flames inside your eyes, burning holes inside my soul, the pain you caused you will never know. you told me time will only tell us what is truly meant to be, while I waited 5 fucking years only for you to destroy me, and now I see you walking down the hallway with him inside your hand, your decisions and your motives I will never understand, yet you smile when you pass, how am I to react, when all I want to do is shove my through a pane of glass, yet mistakingly all I do is smile back, You are fucking dead to me, I can't take this anymore, all these years of waiting patiently, always knocking at your door, you lead me on with your disguise, and you truly seemed to care, it took me this long to realise, you were never truly there, for me, when I needed you the most, so now I sit here in my agony, stuck here with the ghost, of the person who you used to be, not this parasite living off a host, but the gentle, kind, beauty, I've been missing that the most. I get it now, maybe you ain't right for me, but at least you could have told me so, instead of having me wait patiently, I could've let you go. so good bye and good luck, in all of your endeavors, but know that I don't give a fuck, no shits will be given whatsoever.
thank you @yami98. my pieces are usually personal and it feels good to finally get this off my chest. it truly sucks so I sympathize with you.
I know how that feels. it was a good piece @DanielRivera