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Would you buy this apartment for $2 million?

Amy Schumer has recently listed her adorably cozy penthouse on the Upper West Side. The building sits on W 80th which is just a few blocks from Central Park. Schumer originally purchased the apartment for $1.65M in September 2014, however Schumer believes her property is worth a bit more so she has listed it at $2.075M. It's easy to assume that Schumer is looking for bigger and better spaces as her career skyrockets following her huge success in Trainwreck and her comedy central gig, Inside Amy Schumer.
A few key features of the apartment include : Two wood-burning fireplaces surrounded by carved mantles, built-in bookshelves, a master bathroom with a claw-foot tub, and a landscaped roof terrace.

Bargain or bust?

Living Room

The living room is quite spacious with plenty of natural light beaming in. As you can see, Schumer has made the space a half dining room set up so that she has somewhere to sit down to dinner. The furniture looks very cozy and inviting. For a movie star, this could be the most un-pretentious living quarters. It's modest, it's fresh, and it's definitely why we love Amy Schumer so much.

Private Terrace

Nothing is better than a little green space in the industrial jungle that is New York City. It has a gorgeous red deck with multiple shrubs, bushes, and flowers to bring the outdoors to you. There are also plenty of place to sit and relax. And if you're a sunbather, this is the perfect place for you. With it being very difficult to find any private green space in the city, this is a nice getaway for occupants. Also, since it's on the roof, it should be relatively quiet by NYC standards.


Okay, well it's definitely a typical NYC style kitchen. It's extremely small and cramped but you can still make it work. There isn't a ton of counter space but it's definitely way more than most. There are stainless steel appliances and if you're asking for where the fridge is, it's actually tucked underneath the counter on the left. Hopefully you don't mind mismatched counters. Whatever, it's NYC, you can just buy food at the food cart outside.

Master Bedroom (1 Bedroom Apartment)

The Master Bedroom really does represent itself well. There's an absolutely beautiful fireplace that gives the room a grand feel. The bathroom is connected off the bedroom and there is plenty of natural light again. The walls are a yellowy beige color and the furniture is a mix of modern and antique. It looks very spacious and inviting.


Well, hopefully you don't mind steep steps and narrow spaces.

Master Bathroom (1 Bathroom)

The bathroom is so modern chic. The clawfoot tub sits to your right and it's presumable there is a shower-head on the wall. The floor is checkered and there's a wonderful marble countertop. The grey brings a very neutral city vibe and the mirror is enormous. Even though some may have preferred a double vanity, it's really not practical in a New York style apartment.

Floor Layout

So what do you think?

I love it! I think it's a really cute apartment! And you're so right @melifluosmelody when I lived in New York it was IMPOSSIBLE to find housing. I ended up living in Brooklyn, about 40 minutes outside the city in a not so safe area, but the rent was cheap so it was good! lol
@marshalledgar I'm sure. Just the celebrity notoriety with probably be a selling point for someone. @melifluosmelodi I agree. It's amazing what some places sell for in Manhattan. @TessStevens I can't imagine apartment hunting...scary!
she lives in downtown ny, where even the crappiest studios can cost 1 mil. I'd say that's a good deal
Small, yet the two rooms are quite large. I'd feel super cramped in that kitchen though. I'm sure she'll get it sold.