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Chrissy Teigen's superstar husband, John Legend, is not holding back his hilarious commentary when it comes to her closet. On Tuesday, Nov. 10's episode of FabLife, the panel discussed each of the host's closets. However since Teigen was unable to fly home to record her own closet, she thought Legend would do a good enough job.
“It’s kind of Paranormal Activity-looking," Teigen joked while noting, "I had John film and send it in this morning. He’s not the greatest narrator."
However when the video plays, we see just what Teigen means. Legend blatantly mocks his wife commenting, "She has a lot of shoes, boots, and shoes," which continued to, "Hats and shoes. Boots and boots and shoes. Oh, we forgot the underwear drawer!"
When Legend opens up the "underwear drawer", it's completely empty and the audience bursts out laughing. It's so cute of him to make fun of Teigen. Definitely #RelationshipGoals. The couple is expecting a baby early next year which comes as wonderful news following their struggles to get pregnant before.

Check out the video! What do you think of Legend's antics?

Wasn't her closet in one of his music videos? I feel like I'm experiencing some heavy deja vu.
@danidee I have no idea! Find it and post it here!