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Seriously if I had to pick one anime character I absolutely hate it's definitely diedara. I hate him so much in fact that I don't even care if I spelt his name right and come on if the mouths on his hand don't earn him the title of creepiest idk what does.
clip this and help me spread the word oh and win that awesome hoodie. @hikaymm - btw thanks for doing these cool challenges!
woah what are you guys talking about deidara is awesome, if you don't have mouths on your hands then you is the creep. mine just grew in last week
Art is an explosion!!! I love deidara he's freaking awsome but he is a bit of a creep 馃槀馃槀
@MichaelBarry yo no problem thanks for joining in XD
@VinMcCarthy three times a day! gotta take care of my pearly whites haha
@AntSoulMAn so do you have to brush your hand-teeth too?
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