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School is getting in the way as well as work. I should be double that amount. Haha. I wish but so many good anime I've come across. Couple not so hot. Doesn't matter anime is what I am all about, manga too. Want to find more and watch all and read all anime and manga that exists. My dream making all anime and manga One Piece in my mind!! Can't forget my NAKAMA tho. NAKAMA for life!! Best app ever btw. I know there are a lot but love this app bc it links right up to so everything I save and rate goes right through. Plus I already have all the other anime trakr and animedr and such apps as well. If only I had more free time to watch and do more with anime and manga reviews, drawings, artwork, and everything else involved with anime. One day I will find my One Piece!
@alexthegreat475 @Thatperson512 idk how I managed with school and work everyday but I spent every breathing second watching anime and rating it and drawing it all at the same time. Haha, shows you where my free time goes. To my best friend anime!!
this is awesome, nakama! I'm not even close to your prolific level of anime watching T_T
Damn cuz, 258 im not even sure ive watched that many in my life time.
Thanks. You'll get there NAKAMA, haha, it's an adventure all on its own. NAKAMA for life!! A lot of time invested, every second worth it!
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