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Best Phone Fix
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@shannonl5 It really does work. My roommate accidentally dropped her phone in the toilet and then used the rice and 3 days to a week later it worked just fine. It might take time, but it does work. If only someone could find a more efficient way of drying out a phone without frying it or waiting days.
@BladeChild7 I believe they came up with water-proof phones for that purpose. lol Isn't it funny how they aren't "all" waterproof though? You'd think they'd care about something that important since a lot of odd people out there pay hundreds of dollars for their phone.
@Danse that's why they started saying "water resistant" instead. there were idiots submerging their phones in water to see if it was true and then getting mad when they didn't.
@Danse right. it just takes a bigger idiot after someone "idiot proofs" things to find a new way for it.