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Hey everybody it's day 9 of the Fairy Tail Challenge and today's prompt is: Favorite Villain
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate in it! Also tag me in your card if you do I want to see them!
My original choice for this card was going to be Hades but @LawrenceReilly beat me to it so check his card out too!
So my next choice has got to be Cobra from the Oracion Seis arc. He's got my favorite dragon slayer magic and some incredible sound magic! I love his ability to hear everything! Cobra was able to go toe to toe with Erza on their first encounter put Natsu through the wringer during their fight. Had Brain not interfered and attacked Cobra Natsu would have been defeated.
Thanks for reading my card and tell some of your favorite villains down in the comments below! Have a good day. Ja ne
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I like the villain Zero
@DiamondGregory Zero was interesting and I love his fight with Natsu
@Thatperson512 😑⚑⚑⚑ You're really trying my patients.... @JeffPalmer Damn right I'm cool, I'm LAXUS!!!
Cobra was awsome!