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The Webster's dictionary definition of Veteran is : person who has served in the military.
However, in a book that now gives "tweaking" a more accurate definition, Veteran is seriously lacking. So I made a new definition.

Veteran (n):

A man or woman who fights, sacrifices, and loses themselves for this country. A person who leaves their family behind to fight for everyone elses family. A person who is asked to bear witness to unimaginable experiences and react with bravery and logic.
Synonym: A Hero.
Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11, and I feel like people do not understand the magnitude of this day.
We live in a era where everyone with a keyboard and a yelp account believes they are a critic, a judge, a jury. We live in a time where people confuse their objection for War with their feeling towards the men and women sacrificing everything to win it. In this day and age, respect for the bravest is dirtied by ignorance and lack of information.
But my father is a Veteran, and I understand the importance. I understand the significance. And I understand that while the war he fought was in 1969, those memories will never fade.
And so we all must remember.
So this Veterans Day, lets not only remember, but honor the men and women who fought in the Wars that happened just in this past century!
World War I (1917-1918) : 4,734,991 served Last Veteran died 2011.
World War II (1941-1945) : Estimated living veterans: 1,711,000
Korean War (1950-1953) : Estimated living veterans: 2,275,000
Vietnam War (1964-1975) : Estimated living veterans: 7,391,000
Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991) : Estimated living veterans: 2,244,583
**These numbers do not even include the vast number of veterans and active duty still fighting the War on Terror today.

That is over 13 million veterans. 13 million still alive after risking it all for us.

So I really don't give a shit if you support the war or not. I really don't care either way if you think that America is an imperialistic country hungry for Oil. It really doesn't matter.
Because on November 11th, you remember the millions of men and women who fought for your right to object, who fought for your voice to be heard, your family to be safe, and your stupid "first world problems" to exist. You honor those who go though Hell and back for a country who doesn't even treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve when they come home mentally and physically wounded.

You honor them, not because they would ever ask for it, but because they deserve it.

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I come from a military family and it is great to see our Veterans appreciated. it seems that a lot of people overlook the sacrifices Veteran's make for their families and for the country they love. my sister is currently serving in the USMC right now I'm so proud of her! thank you for this card it really means a lot.
@addri wish your sister the best of luckkk!!!!
I come from a military family too @addri :) I grew up mostly in different countries, with my dad gone for most of my childhood. I truly understand the sacrifice! :D thank you.
my dass entire side was all in wars n im goin to keep that foing so today i went to all of thwir graves n thanked them for their services rhen went to my one paps house n we both celebrated with a nice long hike then dinner
This is amazing. Thank you for always making sure that people know what the real message is. I'm so glad that you've got this perspective. Reminds you of the way things should be.