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sharing this collage to all my vingle friends.. i do remember you all guys, but i never get a chance to write all your names in the sand like nyla did.. 3days of fun and 3days without vingle.. i miss you all.. @cheerfulcallie @yinofyang @anvesha @hannahruthdee @neaa @nylamrehs @shoenami @ameliasantos @moonminyeon @Larkspurs im back..
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OMG, how did i miss this card? oh yes, thats right ive been M.I.A for the last 2 wks myself.....wow, that does look like fun and im glad you had a great time....yeah, me too i wanna go....i swear if possible we should all meet one day and lets make it somewhere tropical, i would love that (*_*)
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i miss you @cheerfulcallie where have you been? surely if we could meet, it is going to be a big party.. :)
5 years ago·Reply
wow looks like u had a nice vacation!
5 years ago·Reply
yes, @soula81 , i really enjoyed this 3days vacation..
5 years ago·Reply
@katieloidlei ....i was gone for awhile b/c i got busy with other stuf but im back vingling again, (*_*)
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