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If you haven't seen Secret Message watch it Watch It WATCH IT♡♡ Drama Fever Is FREE So Subscribe Just Do It♡♡ (It's not just Secret Message on there, they're other Dramas *notice I didn't just say K-Drama* on there so make an account) :P
But seriously guys this scene had me dead, she like crying and the guy sitting next to TOP is like "dafuq are you doing bro"
Mean while TOP's face is like.... XD
I just can't with him TOP is life♡♡♡
Bahahahhaha I really want to1 I'm interested to see the actress in it..she's japanese right!?
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@kpopandkimchi Yes she is :) the drama is really good (I havent completely finished it yet) But I won't spoil it for you either :P Definitely watch it whenever you can ~(^.^)~
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