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So a while back someone asked me how long ive liked kpop. and honestly i have no clue untill now.
Kindom Hearts Did It. Started My Hectic Life.
All because of Utada Hikaru and her amazing voice. She sang Simple and Clean, which ended up perking up my curisoity.
but the thing was, everywhere I looked she was being compared to BoA. thus my first kpop song happened to be Eat Me Up... yet ironicly it was in english. which is probably why i didnt realize this until now. So it seems like i must thank my favorite game for introducing me to my now favorite music.
that's awesome! Im not super huge into kpop but I listen a bit. I love Park Bom. but it's cool that Kingdom Hearts got you started on something you really love!
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yea, i was surprised about it as well.
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