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We all have bad days, especially if your job is far less than stellar, your stress levels are at an all time high, or if you just didn't get enough sleep and everyone decided to leave their brain in bed this morning.
No matter what, we will have our fair share of bad days, but that is no reason to have a bad night!! Rather than curl up into a ball and feel bad for yourself until you cry yourself to sleep, try and make the rest of your day amazing with these fun and relaxing ideas!
The night is young, lets make the best of it.

1. Enjoy a nice bubble bath with awesome colors and bubbles of course!

Lush has these AMAZING bath bombs that turn your normal bath into an experience. Your skin gets softer, the smells make you feel like your bathroom is a spa, and just treating yourself to an hour of total alone time is exactly what you need to wash away that awful day.

2. Make a surprise dinner date!

Sometimes going home in a bad mood is the worst thing you can do. So instead of facing your apartment alone, set up a plan with friends, family, or your significant other to do on a little dinner date. The company will cheer you up instantly, as will the desert you will be ordering.

3. Host your own dance party.

For all the music people out there, I'm looking at you @Tessstevens, I know you all have a play list of songs that you know will instantly get you out of that funk you are in. Put the volume on high and just let loose. Dancing will release all the giggles in you and you'll be better in no time. I mean hey, it worked in Foot Loose right?

4. Curl up in bed with your favorite book or movie.

Sometimes the day is so bad you just need it to end. So there isn't any point in delaying what you have been craving all day...your bed! Light some candles, bring in your fav snack and spend some cozy time reading or just Netflix and chill with yourself.
Just make sure you blow those candles out before you go to sleep!
YAAAAAS The dance party! Music is an instant mood booster for me. I love love love this card :))))
@InPlainSight you'd love my house... especially the library, I think.
I want that bookcase from the last picture
@ButterflyBlu But I can't read, remember
@InPlainSight soooo. Dinner and then library?!
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