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Note: if u don't like this ship please do not write anything rude! This is my opinion and you all should respect it! For those who don't follow me on Tumblr (or Instagram, it's mostly on tumblr tho) I am a HUGE FAN of this anime and this ship that someone got me into. Plus, Norito shares the same bday as me, so yea. But other than that I think these two would be so cute together cuz they're like always next to each other and stuff (sorry that's such a weak reason 😥) Please forgive me for the last pic, I've gone too far with this OTP
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Awesome. I am watching it up to current and I love the anime. Have to check the manga out, I usually don't like to read online so I wanna buy it to read it if I can. But it's good for sure. NAKAMA for life!!