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Anime is my life and I stand by that everyday I watch and learn from my heroes and villians. I continue to walk the path of a wanderer and keep my village in my heart and my guild on my shoulder and my NAKAMA on my mind!! They will never leave this place called MY WORLD! Inspired by the inspired who continue to inspire others with their aspirations of becoming the best them they can be as I will be the best me I can be!! NAKAMA for life! Anime is life!!
Haha. Yes!! You and me both. Won't have to worry about school anymore then. Lol. Being anime would be a true dream come true. Maybe I'll ask Santa that for Xmas 😜@KittyCommittee
@VinMcCarthy haha I noticed that right away and then single ichigo up front lol. Haha, didn't think anyone would point it out but I was counting and like no def off haha. NAKAMA for life!!
thispicture bothers me in an OCD way. like, they have two characters from the major shonens, but then upset the balance by having kakashi on the end and just ichigo in the front!
Haha @KittyCommittee two minds one in the same. My life revolves around anime. If it isn't anime it's manga. Haha. If only I could exist in a world of anime!! I'm sure you feel the same too ;)
@LuffyNewman like seriously I can't think of anything that isn't anime
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