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Enjoy the cute kitty, even though the adorable ball of fluff has absolutely nothing to do with this card. c: This card is obviously about SHINee and Big Bang in some form or fashion. Just what do I intend to say about them? Nothing important but I've been thinking about it quite a bit today so I just wanted to share my thoughts. ^^
Looking through my phone for pictures... I have so many more pictures of SHINee in my iPhone and not on this phone and just... I would look for more SHINee pictures but I want to post this and watch Running Man. (Lazy Shawol in action.) Anyway, SHINee is like a group of boys next door. They're the kids that you grew up with and became close to and their never-ending cuteness and dorkiness is hard to ignore. The precious babies give you songs that spark something inside of you in all the right ways. I'm sure they have antis because, hey, those of us that aren't famous or even in any spotlight at all get the haters but, for the most part, I personally have yet to meet someone that really hated them.
I don't seem to have a lot of OT5 pictures for either group... Again though, continuing on... Now, Big Bang is your more adult group. Some of their songs are all about the innuendo or partying all night or not wanting to fall in love. They're the guys that were once those kids you grew up with and began to adore, becoming guys that draw you in with all their charisma without even trying.

Why am I mentioning both?

Just because the similarities between personalities and group roles really amused me. I'll explain what I mean. ^^

Boy Next Door: Minho = Grown & Sexy: TOP

This phone has like no pictures of Minho... I have something against him anyway and I don't know why or when it happened. But that's a different story. c: Both of these members are the tallest in their group as well as the ones with the lowest voices. They're known for their ridiculous charisma on stage and on screen, which completely dissolves when they aren't performing. They both have legs for miles and are that tall drink of water that looks amazing in a tailored suit.

Boy Next Door: Key = Grown & Sexy: G-Dragon

Continuing with the '91-line, Kibum and Jiyong are the next appropriate pair. These two are your fashionistas with gazes that could shake you to your core. With doll lips and sharp eyes, they're your triple threat - dancing, singing, and rapping. If you want cute and precious, they've got it. Sex appeal? Check. Bad boy smirk? Check. These two are pretty much the ones that you're sure God took His absolute time with. They're not the tallest but they're not the shortest. They're absolutely right in every way. At some point, you were trapped by them, whether they're still your bias or they were once upon a time (whether or not you knew). They're the ones that just make you sit back and question life because they're so good that it hurts.

Boy Next Door: Jonghyun = Grown & Sexy: Taeyang

Moving from Jiyong to his partner-in-crime, Taeyang is your grown and sexy to the boy next door Jonghyun. Yes, I know. Believe me, I know. Jonghyun has the ability to exude whatever that is he releases when he gets that look in his eyes, specifically when he performs but he's still definitely puppy next door. From shirt-stripping to body rolls, these two heartbreakers can make you weak. Their vocals are serious gifts and their solos either make you want them in bed or in the protection of your arms (which can, yeah, also be done in bed). They're both pretty darn short, too. I'm allowed to say that because I'm short(er than them by a good amount). Regardless of height, these little packages pack a lot of talent and a heck of a lot of stage presence. Their smiles and laughs are precious and, at least to me, the spill out this ridiculous amount of innocence, like you just want to pet them and feed them and keep them smiling forever and ever.

Boy Next Door: Taemin = Grown & Sexy: Seungri

Maknae time! Now...You know, these are the kids that started out cute and adorable and innocent and quickly evolved into "no. nope. not gonna take this. sit down, young man." They're the marshmallow vocals and the youngest out of their group. No matter what they do, they're cute. I personally can't really take either of them seriously when they try to be sexy but, hey, they still pull it off very well. They're the babies of the group that most likely take the most charge (or at least try to) when there's no one else around. The maknaes you want in your pocket and in your bed. Have fun making that decision.

Boy Next Door: Onew = Grown & Sexy: Daesung

Last, but absolutely not least, my biases from both groups. PS. I just realized that one gif of Jinki is a vampire edit. *3*; These two have adorable smiles, cute laughs, and unique vocals. They're both members that wouldn't surprise me if they kept a bad boy hidden under their marshmallow exteriors. Sex appeal is highly possible and deliciously dangerous when they get to be. They both look good in leather and I'm getting side-tracked thanks to my imagination. But, yeah, thighs and arms. *coughs* Anyway, I think you get the point.
...This took me a lot longer than I thought but it's all good. Sidenote: I have it stuck that Nu'EST is like the even younger version, so, in ny head, it's Nu'EST > SHINee > Big Bang. Ren > Key > GD Baekho > Jonghyun > Taeyang Aron > Onew > Daesung Minhyun > Taemin > Seungri JR > Minho > TOP Or something like that. Oh, and I realize I have more pictures than I thought. They were more noticeable when I wasn't actually looking for them... If you ever get the chance to look though my phone, don't. For your own sake.

Do you have any groups that you compare just for the fun of it? ^^