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Since the Chained Up Album and MV released this week, I thought it would be fun to do some cards going through each song, the lyrics, and any performances they've done! I'm going to try to wait for them to perform each song live before I make a card about it, but I'm not sure if they'll do songs like Spider or Heaven for a while, so we'll see!!

First up: HOT ENOUGH!

When the track list was first released, I knew this was going to be my favorite, because it was Taekwoon's favorite and we have the same taste VIXX favorites usually!

Lucky for us, they performed the song during their live Showcase yesterday on the V app, so we can already see it in action!

Look at how awesome this dance is! The chorus is great - I love how they stamp their feet and do a lot of moves where they are holding their belts. They all look great! I like that their style of dancing they did for B.O.D.Y, Light Up the Darkness and more clearly carries into this song, as it's a similar style of song so the dance feels very VIXX.

Now, has anybody else read the lyrics?!

I've studied Korean for 4+ years now, so I can understand a lot of them, but a full English translation is more than necessary for a song with this kind of vibe.
Let me give you a snippet:
"Orange candle red wine
Prisoner to this mysterious atmosphere
In your eyes feel my temperature for you
Permeate into me
Trail your fingertips on my body
Shh- It’s not as easy as words
I think I’m going to melt"
Yep. Yeppppp. And that's just Ravi's rap in the song!
No one has posted a full English lyric video yet, but fyeah-vixx has posted the full English translations so you can see it here if you want to read more!

What do you guys think of this song?

I really love the rnb style of it, and I can see why Taekwoon loves it (after all, Trey Songz is his favorite singer!). I especially think that their voices are all in the right ranges in this song (that doesn't always happen for Hyuk or Hongbin), though I do wish Hongbin got a few more lines! Still, the song and dance over all are ah-may-zing!!!!
@KellyOConnor Yes!!! I knew I'd love it fromt he second I heard the clip but I'm glad so manyp eopel like it now ^^
I loved it when I watched it on V app! I think seeing them sing it live got me more into it cause when I first heard 'Hot Enough' I wasn't sure if I was going to really like it.
Oh I must listen to this many more times!!! amazing
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