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If you love shane as much as i do, this should've got you really excited!! :D For those of you who don't know who shane is, he's a popular youtuber and he's known for being humorous. Please don't take offense to anything he says in the video that might offend you. He isn't serious about any comments that may come off as insults.
I understand: The thing is, it's okay to get mad. But we can't get mad and act upon it if it's against someone who doesn't even know that K-Pop existed. He did this to entertain his K-Pop-fan fans, but he didn't really know what K-Pop is. I absolutely understand that you're upset, but it's probably too much, especially if the person doesn't have as much knowledge as we all have. (I got pretty upset, but I didn't really act upon it because I knew that he doesn't really know as much as I do. I absolutely understand you!) @Rhia
Yeah I didn't act much I just tweeted saying it was korean music not Japanese music. I wasn't trying to be mean or cruel to him in any way. I knew he didn't know much about sometime I just wish people would pay a little more attention what they are talking about. ...I guess I over reacted
And you don't have to be sorry! It's a little something that all k-pop fans have to defend it :) @Rhia
@xojuliettexox just that he kept saying Japanese over and over again when there is a k in front of the pop. i feel bad now. I didn't see anything in the description. ..sorry
Kind of, because he apologized in his description @Rhia
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