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So, I lost my flight power so I charmed someone to take me to Starbucks. The fight that #teamstark put up was totally draining... Along with that ally I dragged in. Deadpool is chatty but he gets work done. I went to my "current" secret layer...
Sipped on my latte and dug up some more intelligence on Iron Man and his crew. Reading about Iron Man angered me.. So I
Stomped on a picture of his face, without breaking anything in my "secret" hideout or spilling my latte... So to kill off my anger, I decided to turn on the Xbox 360... Until I meet with #teamstark again.... @shannonl5 for #teamjacob excuse me #teamcap Lmao
@nobankai also, runny noses kill everything lol..
@nobankai Awwwww that is so sweet! Thank you :)
well you're amazing from what the world can see @LAVONYORK and i have a running nose too so that doesn't count lol
Lmao @nobankai not everything is visible lol trust me.. My nose is running and random others stuff lol. I am actually wearing a face mask now. I only take it off when I am out doors in open air with not a lot of people lol 😂😂😂
@LAVONYORK how you sick/in recovery but you sitting here looking better than I lol capt Ginyu needs to do a body change
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