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I do lots of linearts, many I have completed are homestuck ones. I actually was looking for one piece lineart when it gave me the first image and I liked the way it came out so much that I wanted to share it. the first one is by Black Mayo, the shadeing, coloring and Background are by me. the second and third one didnt have a listed artist. But whoever they are I want you to know that "low blood revolution" was insanely hard to clean. ***IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SEEING A PARTICULAR PIECE DONE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME***
there's an illustration community and fan art community, also webcomics! I don't know quite exactly what homestuck is, but maybe those communities would make more sense?
@VinMcCarthy but there are people who post stuff on here that isnt anime related besides me. im just showing lineart I've done.
@llammahats I know! I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm only saying this to you at all. I try to help everyone out with publishing to the best communitites for their cards when I can
@VinMcCarthy i know its just i wanted to portray my talents.
@llammahats word! and you should! illustration and fan art are great for that as well