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The moment you stop I will start showing you. I will help you live and be with you, because I want you to live! The real truth behind NAKAMA for life!!
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@tayhar18920 yeah sogeking wasn't near as good as usopp. I totally agree. NAKAMA for life!! Haha
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they forgot one. Where's Merry
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@JayAndre remember at this moment merry was supposed to be dumped in the storm on water 7. So merry doesn't show up till after this plays out. But I would agree with adding merry to the image!
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You crazy the whole point of sogeking was because usopp could not bear to part with merry and the arc finished with the funeral. just saying that ship fought just as hard as that crew
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@JayAndre yeah they made the side story of merry I know I'm just saying she wasn't at that location when they were fighting yet. Believe me I know I agree with ya
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