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You know that popular two-word phrase: "shopping therapy!" For some people, shopping causes some sort of release, and sometimes a bit of a buzz, if you're really into it. For me, it causes me a great deal of anxiety -- especially for much larger purchases.
I've always been a saver, a coupon-clippin' chick. This means low-quality everything. Do I shop? Yeah...I kinda sorta have to. But I am strategic. I make a budget, and I usually strive to spend up to 80% of the budget.
Can it become obsessive? Well, yes. Just like anything can get a little bit "too much" -- even if it's spending too little.
Some people eye calories, quality, quantity -- I am eyeing on the pricetag.
Do I really need this?
Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?
I know the cheaper version breaks down, but I can't handle spending more.
Is it within budget?
Can I live without it?
US News wrote about this very topic about 2 years ago. Adam Hagerman, a financial coach talks about how anxiety from spending money is a thing.
"I've seen plenty of clients like this. They don't spend money on beauty supplies, haircuts, vacations, entertainment or even their health," he adds, "I have never had a chronic saver pay for my services."
Anxiety from spending money can make a person feel paralyzed, uncomfortable, or feel unsafe. There's a difference between being a saver, and an addiction to saving money.
I do have people in my life that sort of push me to spend -- and I know it's good for me. I once went through a winter without a coat because I didn't want to spend money on one. Now, I try to remind myself that I NEED this coat. And maybe it's time to buy new shoes because the ones I have no are literally falling apart.
I still get anxiety handing over my cash, or swiping my card, but I've learned to sort of ~let it go~.

Anyone else a chronic saver?


Major anxiety here. Even just going to the grocery, every little dollar, it's all the same - sometimes it's a tremendous effort to keep from having an anxiety attack. Ridiculous, but true. *sigh*
@BeannachtOraibh yea that kinda how I get too lol I won't say no to a gift though lol
@buddyesd No, I totally get that! I'll survive just fine with my 10 year old boots and the clothes my friend was trying to throw out, but I've gotta make sure everyone else has decent clothes and other stuff they need.
I hate spending money on myself, but I don't mind spending it on my family, maybe that's like a weird thing
I used to make shopping lists and adhere strictly to it, only buying the best value (sometimes bulk is cheaper, sometimes it's not). But now, with four kids, I rarely have the chance to write up a list before going shopping, so now I do a lot of what @KellyOConnor does, rearranging product placement throughout the store. It is probably costing me more, but it doesn't really matter since I cannot technically "afford" any of it. lol
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