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Don't worry I know you don't need me That much has been obvious a long time You act like we're the perfect team when we're far from it Why even bother pretending you care You don't need me its clear If I say I'm depressed you say me too instead of why As always I throw my demons in the back and help you When was the last time you really helped me Not tell me your upset or yell at me but genuinely comforting I honestly don't remember anymore so I hardly bother You don't need me that's OK No one needs me I don't know why I even stay There are others that need you and you help them They can answer your 4am texts and not care when you ignore their 4pm ones Its obvious I'm replaceable I've been replaced too many times to count Why do we even talk anymore? You don't need me why talk to me So you have one more ear and heart to help you? People say there's strength in numbers Maybe I'm wrong and maybe I don't care if I am Not like you do anyway you say you do but why should I even believe you You'd probably get mad or depressed and say of course I do fucker or I don't care what you think You don't need me do I need you Most times I say yes is that blind loyalty After all you are one of my oldest friends and we've been through alot When I really think about it, it gets harder to decide I could say no to make giving up easier. The actual argument is muffled do I really need you I don't know
@Yami98 if you wanna talk about it I'm all ears and my inbox is open
the other one is like sister to me. I remember something that happened a few weeks ago and what both of them did to me.
@Yami98 true we all do insane things for love mine is because I love her dearly she's like a sister to me
@quietone I don't know. with one of mine I think I might be in love but I don't know.
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