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I really really really wanted to share something with you that I'd hope you'd like.
So I think we all know that Unpretty Rapstar has been on the air since January 29 of this year. There have been many good and wonderful contestants that have shown us their talents in the hip hop genre. But I just want us to give love to one individual who made an appearance on Season 2.

Yes yes. If you didn't already know, it's about BTOB's Ilhoon.

He was featured in 4Minute Jiyoon's song, "This Ain't Me", and performed it with her on stage.

I believe he did an excellent job and that he was definitely in his own element. He looked comfortable on stage and made it fun for the audience.

Go Ilhoonie!

Melodies give lots of love to our unmanly man!

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I'm right behind you with spreading the love of BTOB on here. They are one of my TOP bias groups and it's sad that a lot of people don't know how talented they really are... :(
@kelseyblair haha I'm not biased either. I'm really proud of jiyoon for finally being able to show off her skills a bit. Ilhoon did really great too and he totally deserves more recognition than he gets. This isn't exactly related, but wouldn't jiyoon and ilhoon make a great subunit?
@StephanieDuong I know, it's so sad. They were one of the first groups I got into last year so I feel like I'm neglecting them since I've started liking BTS. (oT-T) @JustinaNguyen Yes yes! That would be so cool to have them create songs together!
I loved it and fact that it was his own lyrics made it even better to listen to馃馃槏
They both did a fantastic job!