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Happy Birthday Wonbin!


This beautiful, talented man was born November 9 :D

Look at him!!!!!!!!

Here are two Won Bin movies you need to see!


It's called the Man From Nowhere in English, but I prefer the title 'ahjusshi,' because it is similar to the word "uncle" in Korean. Won Bin plays a seemingly cold man who is very mysterious until one day he has to protect the young girl who lives next door.
He fights against drug lords and gang leaders to save this girl's life.
(Very bloody, but a really moving story)

Tae Guk Gi

This is a heartbreaking story about North and South Korea. Won Bin plays the younger of two brothers who are forced to fight in the Korean War. It is a pretty tragic story but the acting amazing. It will make you cry, hard, but it's an incredible film that teaches you a lot of Korean War history.

Happy Birthday Ahjusshi!

Any Won Bin fans here?!

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