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Okay this is totally kpop related.....I entered another giveaway this time in the group that I am which as many of you know is the group Butterfly project!!!! I entered a giveaway to give thanks to bts member Jin!!!! Basically to enter you need to be part of the group, get three (just three little signatures) in their One shot bap petition and write a paragraph saying why you think Jin plays an important or special part in the group!!! You could go to their Facebook page and get more information( as I am not really great at explaining) I think the link I will post leads you to the right place!! please chingu's I just need three to sign the petition it would mean so much to me and you have to show whoever helps me just send me a message with a picture or something heh Thanks!!!
@Stefany17 If you want but you have to be part of the group unfortunately....I mean I could try to post whatever you write but idk if that's okay with the owners
Can we write something too or no ?
Yeah okay~
@Rhia oh a picture showing proof of completing the petition...if that makes a little sense heh
a picture of what?