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Hi guyyyyssss it's me, Alli! Y'all know I used to have a different username. But now I want to come on out and introduce myself as the brand new, rebranded...


In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to share a selfie with you all. Because it brings me such delight to see my fellow Vinglers' ~real life~ faces once in a while, so maybe you all get a kick out of it too.
And since I revealed my ugly baby picture (you are all WAY TOO KIND, those of you who said I was cute!! <3 even my dad says I was weird looking baby ehehehe), I have to set the record straight and show you that I've since blossomed into a decent-looking young lady.
So without further ado, here's me and my two little sisters:
I'm on the right, Sam (18) is on the left, and in the middle is my favorite tiny baby weirdo thing, Abigail (13). Seesters!!!
So remember you guys – just because my username changed doesn't mean we're not friends anymore. So TAG ME in your challenges, your masterpieces, your cards of all shapes and sizes!!! Looking forward to interacting with you all as the new me ^_^ <3
Lots of Vingle Love,
Thank you, @Danse! :D I'm excited about starting my new Vingle life ^.^ hehe. Lol @InPlainSight good one :P you sweetheart you. You and @ButterflyBlu make my day, every day. <3
You know I love you, beautiful lady!! <3 <3 <3
@allobaber just getting used to it. love that gray blanket in the first pic. is that a faux fur blanket?!?!?!
Dawww, you gals are loverly! <3 Glas you're getting settled into your new shiny identity! *shifty glance* Hope that solves some things.
@Rumpadump Why thank you! :D @FernandoGarza You guys are so sweet ^.^ Made my day!! Thank you <3
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