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2015 K-Pop Festival,' a global K-Pop cover dance contest successfully concluded on November 3, and the winners were a talented dance crew called BRUTE, with their outstanding cover of BTS's "Dope"! According to the reports, more than 70 performers from various countries including Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Turkey and more have been chosen through online preliminaries for the K-Pop cover dance contest. These preliminary round winners were invited to Korea on November 2, where they were given a 6 day 5 night tour around the country. They were also chosen as ambassadors of Korea, K-Friends, and will continue to work towards spreading Korean culture and tourism in their respective countries. The 2nd place winners were StarreSECOND from Singapore, covering EXO's "Call Me Baby" while 3rd place winners were Se-Eon from Philippines, covering BTS's "I Need You." Members of BRUTE sent their thanks to the host as well as their thoughts on winning the event in Korean. They said, "We were glad with just being able to visit Korea and perform on stage, but we are extremely happy that we won first place."
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I adore these boys so much! They are tied for my top favorite cover group with Lollipop CZ. ♡